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Pay Per Click, Pay Per Call, & Pay Per View... Advertising That Gets Results!

Get fast results with our pay per click advertising.

What is PPC Advertising? 

“PPC” stands for Pay Per Click advertising which is a digital advertising model where businesses pay a certain amount each time their ad is clicked. There is also, the pay per call model, where you only pay when a call placed to your business, and the pay per view model for video ads.

Why is Paid Advertising Important? 

Paid advertising is the fastest way to increase traffic to your website. While other digital marketing strategies may take time to work, with PPC ads you can literally start driving visitors to your website today.

You can increase your sales while controlling your advertising costs. Detailed targeting puts you in front of your best audience while reducing your cost per click (CPC).

With retargeting/remarketing you can build tremendous brand awareness and stay top of mind with your potential clients. When they are ready to purchase, they will think of you first.  

2020 PPC Statistics

  • 45% of small businesses are already investing in PPC
  • Google says search ads can boost brand awareness by 80%
  • The average business makes $3.00 for every $1.60 they spend on Google ads
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"Kick Your Website Traffic In To High Gear"

Google Search & Display

We create, manage, and continually optimize your Adwords campaigns. Google Search, Call Only, & Display ads with retargeting can all drive highly targeted leads and buyers to your business. Show your ads for your most desirable keyword searches

Facebook Ads & Remarketing

Facebook‘s incredible demographic and interest based targeting and custom audiences can be very effective for local businesses to get the word out about special offers and deals nationally or in their local area. Pixel tracking and remarketing keep your brand top of mind.  

YouTube Video Advertising

Video is the preferred medium of the masses, it only makes sense to market with video, and on other people videos. Show your video ads in front of other popular videos on YouTube. Use video ads on Facebook and Instagram too. You need to create more video content in general.

Digital Media Buying

We find advertising platforms that are very relevant to your vertical and send traffic to your website or offer. We constantly analyze and measure the success of every campaign then we refine and optimize as neeeded.

Paid Digital Advertising

While we love reputation, SEO, social media, video. and SMS marketing, paid advertising opens up a whole new world in the form of text ads, display ads, video ads, and call-only ads. Pay per click and pay per call ads can have virtually instant results whereas other digital marketing methods generally take a longer investment of time before producing results.

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