Google Ads

Think of Google Ads (you might know it as Adwords, Paid Search, or PPC) as a way to rent the ‘championship belt’ in the digital world. It gives you the privilege to claim the top spot on a page for your chosen keyword, rather than having to sweat it out organically in the ranking ring.

Now, this ‘belt’ comes with a price, often a steep one, as your competitors bid against you for that coveted top spot. We know the frustrations you’ve felt – spending hefty sums and getting only meager returns on your investment. That’s a tough round to face.

But that’s where our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns step in. They’re designed like a series of well-planned sparring sessions, where we test and optimize each keyword set, ensuring that every click is a ‘power punch’, driving the highest quality clicks and conversions.

And we don’t stop there. We ‘step back in the ring’ for another round, retargeting your website visitors with display ads in search when our campaigns are launched. Because we’re here to make sure you’re getting the most from your ‘match’ with Google Ads.”


Set Up

**Price varies by number of campaigns. See menu below.
  • Copywriting
  • A/B Testing of Copy
  • Offer Creation
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting

Landing Page

** May be a required add-on
  • Conversion Optimized Landing Page
  • Thank You Page



Ad spend between $1500 – $2500/month
$ 747
  • 1 Campaign
  • Copywriting Included
  • Retargeting Setup (Display Ad Required)
  • Weekly Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting


Ad spend between $2501 – $3500/month
$ 997
  • 2-3 Campaigns
  • Copywriting Included
  • Retargeting Setup (Display Ad Required)
  • Weekly Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting


Ad spend between $3501 – $5000/month
$ 1247
  • 4-5 Campaigns
  • Copywriting Included
  • Retargeting Setup (Display Ad Required)
  • Weekly Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting

Let's Make This A Win-Win-Win!

What to Expect

  • Website Access, CID, & All Intake Information Needed Upon Enrollment
  • A high converting landing page is required, otherwise one must be purchased. 
  • Landing page development can take up to 4-5 business days. 
  • Business owner understands that Google Adwords cost per click is based on the current auction
    bids and are subject to change within their set budget. 
  • Initial campaign KPIs for dialing in strategy include an increase in clicks and CTR
    often prior to lead performance increasing (this a good sign we’re on the right track). 
  • Campaign may take up to 45 days for a dialed in strategy if the ad account is brand new
    (conversions likely happen while this is warming up). 
  • Adwords account must be established and credit card for spend added prior to onboarding or this may result in delays. 
  • If a prior campaign was run, the negative keyword list and campaign history should be provided for analysis. 

Meta Ads


Struggling to grab the attention of your target market? Facebook and Instagram can pack a mighty ‘one-two punch’ in the digital marketing ring, but only when you’ve got the audience and creative elements finely tuned. Our team doesn’t just swing blindly, we’re strategic about our approach.

We consider the creative elements from the perspective of your potential customers. Instead of slapping together stock images and generic copy, we dig deeper. We question what will turn heads in your direction. What unique offer can we put in the spotlight? When are we most likely to catch your ideal customer scrolling?

We throw these questions in the ring when crafting the perfect campaign for your business. Remember, we’re not just up against competitors; we’re also contending with adorable puppy videos and tantalizing foodie pics. It’s crucial that our team knows the ‘hooks and jabs’ that will make you outshine the rest.

Management Only

Minimum Ad Spend of $750/month
$ 997 Monthly
  • No setup fees
  • Management of 2 ad campaigns max.
  • You setup the ads, initial creative, & copy, we'll take it from there!
  • New copy developed as needed for testing
  • New creative as needed for testing
  • Weekly Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting

Lead Gen Setup + Management

Minimum Ad Spend of $1,500/month
$ 1997 Monthly
  • No setup fees
  • Includes setup & management of 1-2 ad campaigns
  • New creative as needed for testing (3-6 on avg.)
  • Copywriting Included
  • Retargeting Pixel Setup
  • Weekly Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting

Let's Make This A Win-Win-Win!

What to Expect

  • You must have an established Meta Business ad account. This is required prior to purchase. 
  • Business owner understands FB Ads require time & money to warm up the audience. 
  • Well converting landing page must be provided. Landing pages can be purchased after sign on.  
  • Audience lists are required or the business owner understands that the ads will take 2-3 weeks to run for traffic and engagement before moving to a conversion campaign. 
  • Video should be provided if desired in ad campaign. We will supply Canva graphics! 
  • A strong offer or competitive advantage should be developed prior to sign up — FB ads is a cold audience so this should be compelling. 
  • Number of Creatives depends on optimization requirements.
  • The same ad will be showcased on both Facebook & IG where applicable. 
  • Instant forms on Facebook are preferred in order to gain a quick conversion though landing pages or funnel destination URLs can also be provided or built.